state-theatre #6 MÖNCHENGLADBACH

2013, HD, 40’
with: Nicolas Beucker, Bastian Blei, Karl Boland, Busso Diekamp, Martina Fecke, Norbert Krause, Hans Schürings, Detlev Schneider, Susanne Titz

The small german city of Mönchengladbach, a former textile industry hub, redefines its commercial and cultural centre by removing the modernist former Stadttheater Mönchengladbach, abandoned during the past decade, and replacing it with a shopping mall. This constant process of producing space comes to a temporary halt when a group of citizens enters the winterly void to claim and re-stage the public discourse on appropriation of urban space: „There ought not to be a vacuum which might attempt to lead us to the idea of the void as potentiality.“